The international homeopathic community decided that there was a definite need for a database of clinical files bringing together the experience of homeopaths from all over the world.
Using the information technologies that are available today, case histories can be stored in a central database from where they can be downloaded for consultation purposes, personal study and teaching.
The CLIFICOL project, created on the initiative of the Homeopathia Europea & Internationalis Groups in the 1970s, is now operational and allowing homeopathic schools to work together whilst at the same time respecting their own particular methodologies. 
CLIFICOL (Clinical Files Collection) has been developed by Homeopathia Europea & Internationalis and h.m.s. (health medicine services) in collaboration with national and international groups of homeopaths who wish to share, in an electronic format, data and case studies from reliable sources all over the world.
Notwithstanding that the associations listed below have invested financially in the creation of the database, CLIFICOL fully recognizes that each homeopath remains the rightful owner of his own particular cases.
For this reason CLIFICOL has created a Scientific Committee to manage this legacy and ensure the rights of homeopaths and their patients.
All homeopaths and institutions are invited to contribute to this project whatever their particular methodological approach. 
We welcome the participation and the collaboration of the Argentinean, Austrian, Belgian, Brazilian, French, German, Indian, Italian, Mexican and the Spanish Schools of Homeopathy.
An ethical and scientific affairs commission has been appointed to keep watch on the database management with the mission of ensuring that this common heritage remains the common legacy of the homeopathic community.
 The CLIFICOL project (Clinical Files Collection) is supported by:

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